Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We have arrived to a place we call home...

10 nights in paradise. A long day of travel. Confirming the love between a Mama and her children is deep, especially when days become harder and harder to be apart.

We missed eachother. Badly.

Bill and I covered Maui in wild, fun and adventurous ways.
We again, made more memories that will hold stories between us for many years to come.
Bill, if and when you read this, thank you, I love you and love you more with each passing year.
You sincerely make my days brighter.

Who's ready to look at hundreds of pictures?  Snorkeling off of Molokini Crater, while anchored in an amazing boat and super awesome crew.

A helicopter ride that brought serious tears down my cheeks. While soaring above this beautiful Earth, and staring at breath taking falls, the music that played in our ears was everything perfect. "Somewhere over the rainbow" was literally surreal. Tears fell. Quietly. Amazed. They fell.  Mr. Pilot guy...that was bad ass. And I thank you.

We watched more sunsets in complete silence...and others reminiscing..while Mr. Sun said "goodnight".

We experienced the ever popular "Luau"....

The rest of my week will indeed be full. Work, groceries and stocking up the way Mama stocks up. Going through a huge stack of mail, along with birthday cards.  Preparing the final steps for Kali and SAT'S and Prom.  Her dress hangs in her room tonight, and we didn't or couldn't go there tonight. We spent an hour sharing stories, "some" pictures, souveniers, and we all hugged just a little tighter tonight. I praised them for their awesome responsibilities of taking care of themselves, and keeping priorities in check. Everyone has tucked away for the night. I'm awake. Almost like shock.  Where were we? What did we just experience? How blessed in so many ways I am. How very thankful I am too.

So be ready kids, or don't be ready..however you've been warned....haha just know I managed to take hundreds of pictures on my Ipad..(total geek I must have looked like..ha) little camera until it died on day 5. Bills iPhone,  and an under water digital disc to view too...and of course my phone too. I will take a day or so to patient. I will be back.

For now I will soak up these days with my babies...get back into reality mode. And close my eyes tonight with 100% amazement.  THAT was amazing.

Hang tight kids, or Hang Loose. Whichever you choose, do it, plan it.

Because were not guaranteed tomorrow.  Right?



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