Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Eye Of The Storm

Our little birdie's departed for their "Spring Break" wild-tear-it-up party.  Just kidding.
So glad they didn't choose Vegas, or the typical Havasu jk HAHA! No seriously though...
Save those livers, and go enjoy this beautiful California Coastal side. 

They planned the cutest trip up to Big Sur. In those plans, it included "glamping" in Big Sur at the most rad coastal camping place. Also Monterey and of course Napa. 

And then the news started blabbering about this major storm rollin' in.  Tuesday to be exact.  The eye of the storm pretty much rollin right down the path our birds were flyin through. 

Last night I was so on edge. 

Liz (Grants mama) did all the leg work.  (Even booked them from their glamping plans into a cabin, then from cabin, their plans rolled into a cute little resort)-

They made it up there around 12:30pm today.  

I wish them a week of fun times, even if rainy. I wish for good campfires that stay lit, big laughs, warm clothes.  And lots and lots of good memories. 

We need the rain kids.  Most especially our Mother Earth. 

When two twenty something' year old's have good health, a good car, each other, and a good sense of judgement.....THEY WILL MAKE SOME GREAT MEMORIES! 

Just imagine this crazy lady manic mama last night though.  LOLZ

Here's our St. Patty's Pic. I was able to ride bikes with them for one.  Bill was working.  From there we went to a Nascar gig, then to visit Rick. 

Long day filled with good brews. Laughter.  Pit Area's.  Fast Cars.  And the pages in this chapter where we hold on to HOPE.  One that makes you sit back in a recliner hospital chair listening to the beeps.  Watching more calloused hard working nurses do their thing.  Filtering in and out for changes.  Asking why heart rates were at what level. Watching a very very strong stoic man lay in a bed at the mercy of humans to feed him.  To make sure he pushes through.  His beautiful eyes staring back at us with such frustration.  Pissed off because his right arm just won't fucking move. Seemed to me the second most frustrating thing for him.  First being, not being able to talk. 

This life.

It's delicate.

It's fast.

It's unfair. 

It's hurtful.

It's long. 

It's short.

It's worth it.

And then there are times where you wonder..... Why. 

Why the unfairness to those undeserving of that frustration.  Those unclear mountains.  

Day in and day out, we all work, answer calls, return calls, jot emails, blog, love, help and work more.

And yet, right now.....right NOW someone is waiting for the next step.  Or the ability to move.

Be grateful kids.

For those willing to listen.  I heard this song driving to work this morning.  It's a Christian song.  It's beautiful.  And it's so full of HOPE.  Most especially for those in need.

I really like feel good music, and right now, is a good time to soak that up.

Love, and lots of prayers for Mercy. 

This Mama Lisa

Friday, March 16, 2018

Be Safe And Have Fun!

Not sure how many of you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but if you do, go have fun and be safe!


Peace and LOVE.  

Don't be afraid to give someone a compliment this weekend. Trust me, it's so so good!

This Mama Lisa

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Happy Throw Backs

Hey kids, how bout' we look back at some good times--
So many blog posts are filled with requests for prayers.  Or news of yet more heart break. 
Take a look at the smiles, hugs, laughter, good wine, fun times with those we love!

Pure love....

These are the days and those were the days...!


Just told Bill last night, when I'm completely stressed at work, I remind myself of these peaceful days at the lake in our little cove.   

I hope you're all enjoying the freshness of the air with all this rain...This mornings clouds were just amazing.  

Happy Friday Eve!  

Much love,

Lisa Lynn