Saturday, November 10, 2018


Pure LOVE-

Such a good man...

Happy Saturday! 


Friday, November 9, 2018


The wind blew all night.

My thoughts race about my parents.  Most especially my dad.  His biggest fear of fire.

The wind.

The dry air.

The mountain community high up in the Sierra's.  

Growing older in a place they love so much, yet fear even more.

Fires in Chico, fires in Malibu, fires in Thousand Oaks, fires everywhere....

It's the season.

My thoughts linger on all those affected.

If not shootings one day, then fires the next.

Wishing you peace.  Wishing you solitude.  Wishing you safe travels to and from.

Biggest flow of gratitude to all the firefighters, safety personnel, police officers, and good humans out helping.  Oh my goodness, do we thank you. 


For those watching fires up north....and south...

This is the link I check on my parents-

Link to help animals in our local fires
Animal Hope And Wellness-Evacuation Volunteers NEEDED for Animals!

I love you Dad.

Stay safe friends.  Count your blessings.

Shot by Kris 2018- Off Catalina Islands

This Mama Lisa


Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Oak Tree.

I read a quote about motherhood the other night and it took me back to this quote.

The Oak Tree.

Hope your week is rollin' smoothly....

May you all step into the weekend with peace for what you did for YOU this week.

Ever have those nights you sleep so well (like 6 hours straight) and only wake once? 

That was me last night.  

Incredible. ABSOLUTELY incredible.  

To you Oak Trees out there...keep on keepin' on. 

Remember to be the reason someone smiles today.  Leave a note.  Smile while being served.

KINDNESS:  What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world.  

In a smile.  

 Went down a rabbit hole of pictures again.....

Thank goodness we have snaps of memories to look back on -----

My baby.....

  Okay, what was I wearing on my head?  LOLZ
 She still loved me....
 Last Prom of High School for our girlie birdies...  (Send em off, and have a drink!) 

My best friend.  My soul mate.  My forever, everything.  I love you Bill.  And, don't my boobs look super big here?  And my nose small?  HAHAHAHAHAHAH!    BIGBRASANDICANNOTLIE! 

Move along kids, move along....

First week with all the kids off to college!  Funnest day!


Ok, I'm done.  Happy Thursday!  Cheers to a good nights sleep!  Cheers to good friends, and lifetime love with em too! 

Buncha Oak Trees..haha

Monday, November 5, 2018


Saturday afternoon I hosted a small gathering for Tori.

Our little nest filled with our little tribe. 

Nothing fancy, just those moments that create more memories as sisters and cousins.

Saturday offered warm winds. Lots of sunshine, and sunsets that filled the sky like cotton candy. 

I hope the day made your heart extra full Tori.  Happy Birthday sweet pea!

Auntie LOVES you!

This Mama Lisa

Get'ta hustlin you worker bee's!

Stay able, and don't look back....

This chick won her work Halloween Costume Contest.  $500.00!

Think'n outside the box....
um, doesn't she look like me?! 


Friday, November 2, 2018

Fall Is Here....

Raise your hand if you love Fall, and a good chilly Saturday morning......
Tucked away at home....

I've always said the fruit of hard labor is a good restful nights sleep (sleep doesn't come easy these days-hello middle-age-kicking-my-ass-all-month-long-now).

Just an hour or three longer in your pj's on the weekend is the jam these days...

I hope you all enjoy good recipes, moments with friends, and big hugs from your lover, dog or cat!

Remember, it's okay to stay in.  To stay quiet. To stay away. To soak up silence.

Just don't deprive yourselves of good food. Or good wine.
Whatever you've worked hard for!

Caught my eye--

I've never made a pie...and well, these--wow

Don't forget to turn you clocks BACK this weekend!

Get out and VOTE!

And just.....

And the truest words of all....

This Mama Lisa

Just NEVER give up. 

Worth a read-

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Tori Lynn. Twenty Three.

Right now, 23 years ago, we were standing bedside next to your mama holding onto the rails with sheer excitement.  A tad bit of the jitters, as I had a 12 week old Kali growing in my belly.  
Getting clammy myself a few times, with the lovely morning sickness overwhelming me just minutes before you'd make your debut into this big world.


You came out quietly.  Stoic, with long fingers, and the most beautiful skin I'd ever lay my eyes on again. 

Snapping pictures with a throw-a-way camera.  Twisting that little black reel around trying to get as many as I could. 

Of you.

You'd become the most easiest baby.  Quiet, and always full of smiles.

Cheeks to pinch at the cutest moments. 

Loved hard by your mom and dad.  Always holding a cute place in your dads soul.  He calls you"Punkin"-  

There was a song by Gwen Stefani we'd sing to you..."Just A Girl"

Your spirit offers everyone around you delight.

Some days you want to close the world out, and yet you get up and go for it again.

You've learned in the Twenty Three years just how cruel people can be.  Especially boys.

Them dirty boys. Lol

You let things roll off your feathers like a duck, and yet stand up tall when shit gets weird. Like a flock of geese.  HAHA!

I hope this day is good to you.  As you grow, the birthdays become a mundane reality.  The excitement of gifts, and surprises come around a little less, if I'm being real here...this is just life.

Twenty Three.

You will NEED to take care of YOU. No one else can make you happy and well, like YOU.

Don't ever forget that.

You are in charge of YOU.

You are a infectiously loving.  Happy. Loyal. Pure. And adorable.

May you always have sunshine in your path.  May you sort through evil things and people calmly. 
May you be safe from the harsh things in this life.  May the beautiful parts of this Earth show up at just the right time.  From rainbows to thunderstorms.  

Because life will be just like that.   Rainbows.  And thunderstorms. 

It's the strength within on how you'll handle it. 

NEVER EVER give up. 

You're loved by many, and a deepness you'll never know. 

I love you my little Tor-Tor!

Auntie Lisa & Uncle Billy.